Since summer 2004 GO continuously is covered by television magazines and print media all around the world. Each of these reports generates priceless publicity. That GO is met by such enormous interest by the media proves: GO is new and unique. Not just another boring variation of some out-dated product, but a revolutionary idea that the world has not seen before.

Amongst the many that have already felt the unique vibes of GO are Paris Hilton, Pierce Brosnan, Dannii Minogue, Eva Herzigova, Jerry Hall and David Coulthard.

The media and consumers have recognized: GO has initiated an unstoppable trend that will transform the culture of drinking.


In the year 2006 GO was launched in Israel and Australia. The same year Wenger Corp. won the Chamber of Commerceís Austrian Export Award for outstanding success in exports.


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The product mix basically is up to the importer to decide and mainly depends on the preferences of local consumers. We recommend focusing on 2 or 3 flavors in the beginning. Wodka Energy and Wodka Lemon are one of the most common and popular drinks in bars.


One container fits around 80,000 tubes.


,In addition for full container loads prices may be considered CFR, i.e. we will pay for shipping.


Usually the following steps would be required:

  1. Check legal requirements (trademark issues, food law and label requirements)
  2. Test order and test marketing
  3. Decide on product mix for launch and create approved labels
  4. 1st full container load


Donít hesitate to contact us with any further questions.

We hope to hear from you again soon.


Mag. Gustav Wenger

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